CFPM Solutions is a construction consulting company working with Principals, Contractors and their legal advisors.  We provide all time management related services, whether at the tender stage and contract negotiation, after contract award  or post completion.  The main streams of services that I provide at CFPM Solutions can be classified as front-end project management services, and back-end alternative dispute resolution services.

Based on a significant project front-end planning, scheduling and project controls experience, I provide expert evidence in the field of delay analysis and forensic planning.  I am also an Adjudicator and Expert Determiner. 

While my primary focus is to provide Expert Evidence, Expert Determination and Adjudication (in particular where a dispute involves delay and extension of time claims), I bring significant planning, scheduling and project controls experience, and an understanding that time management, proper planning and scheduling practices are key to the success of a project.

On the front-end, from project inception, CFPM Solutions help preparing the tender and baseline program of works, resource and/or cost load the schedule, update the baseline program and design Progress Measurement Baseline (KPIs) for Earned Value Management (EVM). Moreover, CFPM Solutions provides contemporaneous delay analysis for the timely assessment of delays, reducing the risk of post-completion disputes. CFPM Solutions has considerable experience and knowledge of the range of available delay analysis methodologies and techniques, coupled with hands-on experience in construction planning and scheduling and a thorough practical understanding of the different processes involved in construction projects.


On the back-end, as a Delay and Disruption Expert Service provider, CFPM Solutions works closely with its clients to understand the contractual framework, identify the issues from the parties’ contentions, examine the root cause of delay, and analyse the subsequent impact on the project and the critical path.

As the Principal of CFPM Solutions, I'm an Adjudicator and an Expert Determiner.  Where a dispute involves delay, extension of time and requires forensic investigation and establishing causation / root cause, the Parties to the dispute are encouraged to seek a decision maker with a time management background expertise..

CFPM Solutions’ services are distinguished by the high-quality of our investigations and the clear presentation of the identified facts and findings.


CFPM Solutions is a NSW and Federal Government Approved and Fully Pre-qualified Supplier for the following services:

  • Infrastructure Major Project Procurement / Delivery and Project Management;

  • Infrastructure Strategy and Planning;

  • Project Management; and

  • Forensic Advisory.


  • LLM – Construction Law and Arbitration,

  • BSc. Civil Engineering.



  • Accredited Expert Determiner  Resolution Institute;

  • Registered Adjudicator – QBCC;

  • Graded Arbitrator Resolution Institute;

  • FCIArb – Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators;

  • Professional Member of Resolution Institute;

  • Member of DRBF Region 3; 

  • PMP – Project Management Professional;

  • PSP – Planning and Scheduling Professional.

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle