CFPM Solutions is a construction consulting firm working with both Principals and Contractors and their legal advisors. We specialise in planning and scheduling and delay analysis, and provide Expert Witness / Expert Determination services in the field of construction delay analysis and forensic planning.

While the primary focus of CFPM Solutions is to provide delay analysis and expert evidence, Shady Mikhail brings over 16 years of planning and scheduling experience, and an understanding that time management, proper planning and scheduling practices are key to the success of a project.

On the front-end, from project inception, CFPM Solutions help preparing the tender and baseline program of works, resource and/or cost load the schedule, update the baseline program and design Progress Measurement Baseline (KPIs) for Earned Value Management (EVM). Moreover, CFPM Solutions provides contemporaneous delay analysis for the timely assessment of delays, reducing the risk of post-completion disputes. CFPM Solutions has considerable experience and knowledge of the range of available delay analysis methodologies and techniques, coupled with hands-on experience in construction planning and scheduling and a thorough practical understanding of the different processes involved in construction projects.


On the back-end, as a Delay and Disruption Expert Service provider, CFPM Solutions works closely with its clients to understand the contractual framework, identify the real issues from the parties’ contentions, allocate liability, examine the root cause of delay, and analyse the subsequent impact on the critical path which determines the entitlement to extension of time.


CFPM Solutions’ services are distinguished by the high-quality of our investigations and the clear presentation of the identified facts and findings.


CFPM Solutions is a NSW and Federal Government Approved and Fully Pre-qualified Supplier for the following services:

  • Infrastructure Major Project Procurement / Delivery and Project Management;

  • Infrastructure Strategy and Planning;

  • Project Management; and

  • Forensic Advisory.


  • LLM – Construction Law and Arbitration,

  • BSc. Civil Engineering.



  • Registered Adjudicator – QBCC;

  • Graded Arbitrator Resolution Institute;

  • FCIArb – Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators;

  • Professional Member of Resolution Institute;

  • PMP – Project Management Professional;

  • PSP – Planning and Scheduling Professional.


At CFPM Solutions we appreciate the significance of time as a key to success in all aspects of construction. From more than 15 years of planning and scheduling experience we are committed to be a premier planning and scheduling service provider in the market, both at the quality of the programme and its contents, also at the quality of its presentation and administration.

CFPM Solutions established a unique and dedicated programming service under NEC3 & NEC4 form contract ... read more 


We know that every project is a unique product and it is always hard to control the unforeseen events that come across during construction.

At CFPM Solutions, we are fully equipped with the experience as well as the knowledge to back up this uncertainty and to uncover the myth of lost time. 


At CFPM Solutions we want to make sure that you have included the correct time management provisions in your contract.

Unfortunately, most standard form contracts do not include sufficient level of details in relation to time, so we make sure that the contract includes just the right amount of time management 

provisions under the special conditions, tailored specifically to the particular project circumstances.


As a Delay and Disruption Expert Service provider, CFPM Solutions works carefully to understand the contractual framework, identify the real issues from the parties’ contentions, allocate liability, examine the root cause of delay, and analyse the subsequent impact on the critical path.

It is critical to ensure that the eventual Expert Report is admissible and can stand the scrutiny of the court. We work diligently to make sure that we satisfy the common law requirement as well as the professional analysis and presentation of the case is maintained.

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At CFPM Solutions we appreciate that Expert Determination is increasingly becoming the parties' forum for alternative dispute resolution.

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Round Library

Our philosophy is that knowledge and continuous education are the shortest way to reach any given career goal. At CFPM Solutions we provide wide range of training courses that vary from software training, time management, contract administration as well as in depth construction law courses.

We have collaborated with CMC Asia Pacific to deliver time management training under NEC4 contracts ... read more

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Our Principal is a Registered Adjudicator under the Queensland Building and  Construction Commission (QBCC).

Parties in dispute can apply for adjudication through the QBCC only.


CFPM Solutions provides commercial advise for its Clients who are intending to apply for adjudication.







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