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NEC 4 Contract Services

Time & Programming Under NEC4 Contract

NEC suite of contracts have developed best practice processes and procedures for Time management. The programme of works is a central document to the Time clause under NEC contracts, which holds specific requirements for what is expected from the Accepted Programme.

The significance of the Accepted Programme under NEC contracts emanates not only from being the central Time management tool, but also from how the contract contemplates its use in the wider administration of the contract: including the Main Options, Compensation Events, the Contract Data and Access Dates etc...

CFPM Solutions delivers dedicated Time management and Programming service for Clients across Australia.

At CFPM Solutions we appreciate that despite the fact that the contract endeavored to adopt best practice in relation to Time management, delays may still eventuate. Depends on where the progress is from the claimed delays, our service covers the project's commercial interest throughout the entire project as well as post completion to ensure the Early Warning Register and Compensation Events are handled as required by the contract.

NEC standard form contract is well known for its balanced approach to the contracting parties' rights and obligations, where the parties are required to act in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation.

Moreover, to ensure compliance with NEC Programming requirements, CFPM Solutions delivers dedicated Time management training under NEC contracts, check the Training page for details.

Contact us today for any Time management related advice, whether on how to develop a compliant Accepted Programme, or if progress is delayed by external factors that need to be addressed.

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